5 Essential Crossfit Techniques You Need to Master

Crossfit training is often referred to as revolutionary in human performance and is recognized as the fastest growing fitness movement in the world. This workout training system is based on swift changing functional body movements that are done at high levels of intensity.

Crossfit training techniques

Whether you are a newbie crossfitter or a professional, there are a few foundational moves and techniques that you need to master. This brief article will bring you up to speed 5 essential crossfit techniques you need to master. The techniques are proven to build the lung capacity, increase core strength, and make one a better athlete.

Effective Crossfit Training Techniques


Squats are fundamental moves that are part of our evolutionary biology. It is not just an “exercise” created by trainers or coaches, but it is actually a natural human movement. In crossfit training, the scaling options for the squats are many but my favorite is the box. Position a box at your heels and sit down. Then stand up following the same knee to foot plane in which you sit down. Then do the reps of this. That is all. Other squats you can perform include the front squats and the overhead squat.

The shoulder press

This is another fundamental technique but is mostly neglected by many. The shoulder press helps in developing upper body strength and health as well as developing the power zone. The power zone includes the hip extensors, hip flexors, quadriceps and spinal erectors. Developing your power from the core of the body’s extremities is one of the fundamental skills needed for success in athletics. When doing the shoulder press, your shoulders should be straight up. Avoid pushing your head forward.

The push press

The push press is a great technique for developing strength of your upper body as well as transferring power from your hips and core. The secret to getting bigger and stronger muscles is doing heavy push presses. For even greater strength gains, you can add more weight on the bar when you add hips to the movement.

The push jerk

The push jerk technique adds some jumps and dip landing moves to the push press technique. The technique needs a lot of practice and one should always train with a dowel in every workout as a warm-up. With time, you shall develop the technique’s awareness and start lifting reasonable weights overhead.

The deadlift

This amazing technique exercises more muscles on the body that any other crossfit exercise. Deadlift develops dominant muscles that do not get any action they need from other movements. It improves you in any sport, prepares you to survive anything that comes along your way and gives you a shredded back.


Practice makes perfect. The more you practice these techniques, the more natural they become and the more effective they will be. Therefore, it is always advisable to come up with a crossfit training routine and follow it to the latter. In addition, it is also a good idea to pair up with someone and record your progress to see how you can improve them. Well, that is all there is to know about crossfit training techniques.